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Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelly

I read about this book on Brad Feld’s Blog and had to pick it up.  I’m interested in the wisdom of all those qualified that are willing to teach how to get the most out of the short lives we have.  In this case, the qualified individual was Gene O’Kelly, a very successful CEO of KPMG who, at 53 years of age, became qualified when he was diagnosed with three months to live.  The book is his account of what he did during that time and perhaps more importantly, what he thought about.

With only three months to wrap up a lifetime and write a book, you can imagine that it’s not rich in detail or story.  He does an excellent job, in my opinion, of expressing his thoughts and what he went through in the short period before his death. 

To me, his points about not wasting energy on the stupid stuff and seeking out and taking advantage of “perfect moments,” had a big impact on me.

It’s a short book and definitely worth the read.

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 April 21st, 2006  
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