The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Narrator: Adam Grupper –
Genre: Fiction – Legal
Writing: Excellent
Story: Very Good
Time: 11 hours 35 minutes

This is a terrific
book.  The story isn’t entirely unique,
but it is distinct enough.  The writing
is terrific and, if you’re listening instead of reading, Adam Grupper is one of
the best narrators I’ve heard. 

I read and listen to books
like an engineer – I hate sub-plots, back-stories and sidelines that distract
me from the main story line without a purpose. 
Or, those that drone on for too long. 
I realize that the sub-plots and background are part of the buildup of
the main story line, and I appreciate that, but so often there is way too much
detail presented.  Just get to the point

Michael Connelly uses a
fabulous technique in this book to help the reader understand the context and
even the parallel story lines, without going into an absurd amount of
distracting detail.  I’ll leave it as a
surprise, and it may disappoint some, but I found it refreshing. 

Connelly does a nice job
with the thriller part of the story, too. 
While there was never a point, until the end, where I was at the edge of
my seat, he kept me curious and interested through the entire story – very few
peaks and valleys.  It was a nice change
of pace from the roller coaster ride that some thrillers take you on.

I highly recommend The
Lincoln Lawyer – check it out.

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