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Red Sox Humiliate The National League East

As every Red Sox fan knows, great play in the early to mid-season generally only takes place to make the total collapse of the team more devastating later in the season.  This year, I made the same commitment to myself that I make every year – I’m not going to get emotionally involved with the Red Sox.  Unlike most years, though, I’ve been somewhat successful.  I’ve been to a bunch of games and have watched most of the rest on television and, while I’m disappointed about losses or poor play, I’ve mostly been able to move on without dwelling on my baseball-oriented pain.

The evil baseball gods have recognised this fact and are busy upping the ante.  In order to plant the emotional hook deeper, the gods have let the Sox win the last 12 games straight, giving them a 4–game advantage over the Yankees.  THe last time the Sox won 12 straight games was in the mid-eighties.  More interestingly, all 12 games have been victories over the teams of Baseball’s National League East – Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York Mets and Washington.  Tonight, the Red Sox start a 3-game stand against the last remaining team of the NL East, Florida.

I don’t even like inter-league play, but ya’ gotta’ like 12 games straight against such a powerhouse division of baseball.  See, the gods appear to be winning.  I’m already getting involved enough to be crushed in August when my team can’t win a single game . . .

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