American Floyd Landis Wins the 2006 Tour de France

For the 8th year in a row, an American has won the world’s greatest cycling event – the Tour de France.  Landis, of the Phonak Team, started today’s time trial 30 seconds behind the leader, Oscar Pereiro.  His great performance in the time trial today put him in the Yellow Jersey as the leader of the race.  He now leads the number two rider, Pereiro, by 59 seconds.

While today’s stage, the 19th, is not the last stage, the final stage is ceremonial, for the most part, and the peloton sticks together as it rides into Paris.  Thus, barring some major disaster for Landis, his leading time after the 19th stage means he is the winner of this year’s race.

I’m sure now that another American has won the Tour, we’ll soon hear a myriad of doping allegations by the whining French about how the Mennonite-raised Landis cheated to win the race.  Stay tuned.

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