Two American Riders In The Top Ten After Stage 5 of The TDF

Lance Armstrong isn’t there, of course, but the US remains well represented in the Tour de France this year.  This includes a few riders who could have a place on the podium when it’s all over.  George Hincapie (Discovery Channel – Lance’s old team), Floyd Landis (Phonak) and Levi Leipheimer (Gerolsteiner) are all real contenders.  David Zabriskie (CSC) and Bobby Julich (CSC) could also make a significant mark on this Tour.

It would be great to see another American do well in the Tour.  While Lance’s significant reign got more Americans into cycling and into racing, Armstong’s freak-of-nature reputation made many believe that his success was a once in a lifetime thing.  If another American can do well, the sport should gain even more favor in the minds and hearts of Americans.  A healthy thing for the people of this country and a great promotion for the sport of cycling.

After the fifth stage, George Hincapie is in 4th place, 17 seconds behind the yellow jersey worn by Tom Boonen of Belgium.  Floyd Landis of Phonak is in 8th place, 28 seconds behind the leader.

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