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Top 10 Best Presentations Ever

I believe that the ability to present well in front of a group of people is one of the key requirements of true leadership.  It’s also a skill that few have mastered.  For some, it’s because they just don’t get the nuts and bolts of how to present ideas and information.  For others, it’s a lack of charisma.  For most, overwhelming fear stands in the way.

There are some, though, that are masters of it.  I’ve been fortunate to observe a few.  KnowHR Blog, has a post titled Top 10 Presentations Ever, which lists the top 10 that they have seen or heard.  A worthy list with worthy presenters, for sure.

The list does include one from television and one from the movies that hardly qualify as presentations, but are cool examples for tools to use when you present.  There are links to videos of the presentations, where available.

Thanks to Innovation Zen for the pointer.

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