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Corvette “Blue Devil” Headed for 2008 Intro

According to this week’s issue of Autoweek, the super-secret uber high-performance Vette, known as the Blue Devil, will be a 2009 model available some time in 2008.  GM’s performance geeks have allegedly filled the engine bay to the brim with big pistons and blowers – a supercharged 6.2l V-8 generating about 650hp. 

According to the UK publication, Autocar, the Blue Devil was spotted earlier this year lapping Germany’s famous Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 40 seconds.  If this did, in fact happen, it would make the Blue Devil one of the fastest production cars ever made.  GM has never talked about these numbers and it’s not even clear if the car on the track that day was the same the one that will end up in the hands of thousands of men suffering their mid-life crises.

Apparently, the General is only going to hand-build a coupla thousand of these beasts a year and sell them for about $100K.  Oh yeah, they may even resurrect the name Sting Ray for it.  Cool.


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