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Don’t Park Next to a Mercedes R-Class

The new R-Class sports-tourer, wagon, SUV, mini van, vehicle is cool.  It looks great and has seating for about 64,000 people inside.  To accommodate the girth and lack of flexibility of some of the larger occupants, Mercedes decided to put large rear doors on this baby.  So large, in fact, that I’m pretty sure this monster could get airborne if it were moving at a reasonable speed with the doors open.  I mean this vehicle has a wingspan pretty close to that of a 767.

So, if you park next to one, keep in mind that the 6-year old getting out of the back seat has no idea that the mechanically assisted and, therefore, easy to open rear hangar doors will easily span the distance between the R-Class and your car and at a pretty good speed, at that.

Either park far away – like in a different shopping mall – or make sure there’s a sacrificial Kia between your car and the R.


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