Gadget Review – Griot’s Garage Orbital Polisher

For years, I’ve been afraid to polish my cars.  Polishing involves using abrasives to basically strip off the top few microns (or more) of paint – eliminating small, surface scratches and filling in some deeper ones.  Ideally, this is terrific.  A good polishing job can make your car look brand new.  The problem is that polishing by hand is a time-consuming, back-breaking job and doing it with a machine, well, you might as well just use sandpaper.

I’ve seen bad machine polishing jobs.  They leave swirl marks and all kinds of colored effects from the heat generated between the polishing pad and the paint.  So, my FoP (Fear of Polishing) has resulted in my cars’ paint looking increasingly crappy the longer I own them.

I have been a big fan of Griot’s Garage car care products for many years.  I’ve seen their polishing system, including their orbital polisher, in their catalog with a picture of Richard Griot (owner) putting all his weight on the polisher while working on his prized Ferrari Dino to demonstrate how safe the device was.  But even this demonstration did nothing to quell my FoP.

Last month, though, a detailer told me that it was great and that he used it on cars all the time, so I decided to give the polisher a try.  Yesterday, I polished out some fairly deep scratches in my flat, gloss black (about as challenging as you get) truck.  It worked great!  The scratches are mostly gone and there is zero evidence of swirl marks or discoloration.  Using the polisher requires a little elbow grease, but not too much.  I was totally impressed.

Thanks to Griot’s Garage, my FoP is now gone.  If you’re at all anal about how your car looks or you just want to show your prized vehicle a little TLC, I highly recommend you check this baby out.  Let’s eliminate FoP in our lifetime.



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