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Honda Sells Planes Like . . . Civics

Earlier this year, Honda (yup, that Honda) introduced its first plane.  Aptly named the HondaJet, it’s apparently differentiated from the competition in its class with its small exterior dimensions, relatively large interior dimensions, speed, fuel economy and low price.  It seems that Honda’s standard formula for kicking the competition’s ass works outside automotive world, too.

The HondaJet has a top speed of 420 knots, a 43,000 foot ceiling and 30-35% better fuel economy than comparable planes in its class.  Honda says that the unique over-the-wing mounted engine creates more interior space and makes the plane substantially quieter.

The big news is that Honda just announced that they have taken orders for well over 100 of these piloted missiles in the first 30 days of sales.  At $3.65M per plane, it appears that their move into the aerospace market has been validated by potential customers.  Honda is applying for FAA approval now and expects to be shipping planes to customers in 2010.

Honda’s an amazing company.  They’ve stuck with the simple strategies for decades and have been a huge success.  Seems like other could learn something here . . .


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  1. I am really surprise with this innovation from honda, let’s wait until i hit the lotto in order to buy one of this pretty planes.

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