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Picking Your Mentors and Advisors

Ben Casnocha, makes a terrific point in his post, In Praise of the No Names – often (in fact, most often) the best teachers are not necessarily the most visible, recognized, educated or paid people.  Most often, they’re knowledgeable people who understand the art of teaching.  People who can explain situations, concepts and potential solutions to you so that you can understand them and absorb them into your own thinking.  They are people who excite you about what they have to teach.

Sometimes, these people are well-known.  Most often, however, the best teachers aren’t the flashiest people and are hidden from your first view.  These are the people that you should seek out to guide you.  They may be a little harder to find, but they’re also more available than their well-recognized counterparts.

Great thoughts, Ben.


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