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FCC Drops Morse Code Requirement for Amateur Radio License

What a rip off.  When I got my noob license as a kid (yes, they had electricity then), the Morse Code requirement was the toughest part.  I’d say I’m all thumbs, but that might make you believe that the opposing thumb thing was an advantage.  I probably could have coded better with my toes.  It’s not that I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time . . . I find it challenging to do much easier things like breathing and blinking simultaneously without screwing one of those up.  I worked for a month to get to 3 words a minute, or whatever de minimus speed was required to pass the initial test.  I never got any faster.

According to this post on Engadget, the FCC has bagged the rule.  I can see how, practically speaking, the requirement is stupid these days, but now any moron can get a license.  Everyone should have to work as hard as me, after all.  It’s just not fair!  😉


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