Pathetic Pats Pummeled

Yet another crappy game for the New England Patriots.  They got thrashed by the Miami Dolphins 21-0.  While no part of the team’s game looked good, the offensive line was like a welcome mat – Tom Brady found himself on his ass on almost every play.  Not that he threw well even on the few occasions when he had time.  Geesh.

All I can say is that the Jets losing to the Buffalo Bills yesterday may have saved the Pats’ chances of getting into the playoffs.  Not that they deserve it.

I guess I feel better than my friends who are Colts fans.  Wow, I thought Jacksonville was hot, but that’s just scorching (44-17).  Giving up 375 yards in rushing alone is gonna kill you in the end.  As it did for Indy.

One last football thought . . . New Orleans looks like the real deal.  It’s not only about Reggie Bush, the whole team looks solid.  Could they be the NFC’s savior?  Sorry Chicago fans.  The Bears are good, but the Saints are exhibiting such a December surge that they may be unstoppable.


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