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Gizmodo’s Boycott the RIAA Month

Moving from its everyday world of lusting after and reporting on shiny new technology to taking a stand on what is good and evil, one of my favorite gadget sites, Gizmodo, has declared March as Boycott the RIAA month.

This isn’t the first time that Gizmodo has railed against the RIAA.  As they stated before in their post, RIAA Wants to Kill Open WiFi, Puppies, Babies, “[the RIAA is] continuing their non-stop campaign to ruin everything that is good in the world.”  Gizmodo claims that the RIAA is the Darth Vader of free speech and privacy and “it’s about time we stopped merely bitching and moaning and did something about it.”

From Gizmodo’s post . . .

“We want to get the word out to as many people as humanly possible that we can all send a message by refusing to buy any album put out by an RIAA label. Am I saying you should start pirating music? Not at all. You can continue to support the artists you enjoy and respect in a number of ways.

Firstly, I encourage everyone to purchase music from unsigned bands and bands on independent record labels. There are tons of great artists out there, many of which you’re probably already a fan of, that have nothing to do with the RIAA. Buy their records at eMusic, an online store that sells independent tunes in beautiful, DRM-free MP3 format.

Secondly, you can still support RIAA-signed bands without buying their music. Go see them live and buy their merchandise; they get a hell of a lot more money from that then they do from album sales. And hey, you could benefit from getting out more, couldn’t you?

If you are unsure whether or not an album is put out by an RIAA label, the handy RIAA Radar will clear everything up for you. They have both a search engine and a great bookmarklet, so be sure to get yourself hooked up.”

You go, Gizmodo!  I’m in.  Let’s see if I can compel my kids to do the same.

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