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To try to get just a little more focused in this blog, I decided to start writing posts related to detailed cycling-specific stuff on my new blog on  On that blog, I’ll be mostly writing equipment reviews, outlining details about some rides I’ve done and generally whining about how sucky my most recent ride went.  I’ll still post cycling stuff on this blog, but it’ll only be the more important stuff – to me, anyway. is a sister web site to, and  They’re all sites of the Enthusiast Group – a company that develops web sites “that serve sports/recreation enthusiasts in telling their own stories without professional writing or photography help.”  Pretty cool stuff.  If your into cycling, running, mountain biking or climbing, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Using the Lijit search box on the right of this blog should search both my 2-Speed blog and my blog – a one-stop shop.  But, it’s not working right now.  I’m gonna have to figure that out.

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