Tour de France Mashup

While looking for some information about the Tour yesterday (other than controversy about doping, it’s really difficult to get decent information about the Tour de France in English), I stumbled across this great website.  It’s a mashup that superimposes today’s TDF stage on a Google map, adds a chart of the elevation of the stage, then, and this is the cool part, shows various riders on the route with their live heart rate, speed, power output and cadence.  Apparently, some riders/teams are broadcasting their GPS coordinates with their ride data for the world to consume.

There aren’t loads of riders involved, but it’s cool to see the data for the ones that are.  Their low heart rates at any speed make me feel even less significant as a bike rider.

The data is only live, so once the day’s stage is over, the site just shows the route.  Worth checking out . . .

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