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Pats Lose the Big One. Congrats to the Giants and Their Fans.

What a game!  I certainly never thought it was going to be such a defensive battle.  Although I fully expected the gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster that it was.  I figured on loads of scoring.  But, then again, I thought the Pats were going to win.  What do I know?  The Giants defense was the key, of course.  Shutting down the Pats’ vaunted offense.

As a Patriots fan, I certainly would have loved to have seen another Super Bowl victory.  Even more, though, I would have enjoyed seeing the completion of a perfect season – so difficult to do in the free-agent era.

Yeah, I’m disappointed.  Traveling back from the game makes it even tougher since I seem to be surrounded by celebratory Giants fans.  They’re being nice, It’s just the steady reminder of the loss that’s making the flight home seem extra long.

Congrats to the Giants and their fans and thanks to the Patriots for a great season.

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 February 4th, 2008