Blogging From the iPhone

Well, sorta . . . from an iPod Touch, actually. I really, really want to like the iPhone (the Touch is incredible, by the way), but the fact that the apps don’t talk to one another, Exchange is only partially integrated, and the virtual keyboard is not nearly as accurate as a physical one, makes it hard to see as a better solution than other phones.

So, I’m using the Touch, which I already have and has all the functionality of the iPhone without the phone, of course, as a testbed for the phone. Including the app I’m using to write his post – Wordpress – for posting to Wordpress blogs.

I dunno. I have made 100 typing errors writing this post. The very capable spelling software of the device has corrected 80% of them. Just not good enough, I’m afraid. With a physical keyboard, it’d be much easier – faster and more accurate. Pounding out a similar message on my Blackjack would not yield nearly as many errors and would be significantly faster.

I think I’m gonna wait to see how the Blackberry Bold and HTC Touch Diamond look before making a call on my next phone.

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