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The Science Behind Traffic Jams

Why Traffic Jams Happen width=
Via: Car Insurance Guide


  1. They didn’t mention slow drivers in the left lane – big oversight in my view. This is the most common cause of slowdowns in Colorado as far as I can tell.

    1. I don’t know if it’s the biggest traffic creator everywhere, but it’s right up there. They also didn’t mention how when the right lane is clogged with vehicles exiting the main road, the next lane often slows to a crawl. I’m seeing this more and more. Sometimes it’s because some asshole wants to skip the line and sneak in ahead, but other times it’s just concern about driving fast past slower traffic.

  2. Great info-graphic. I’ve long had a fascination with traffic and movement patterns / study. The problem is easily to simplify (as is done here), but unfortunately the true cause still remains with the complete lack of true driver training in this country. I’m probably making this up, but I recall some stat that 80% of drivers think they are better than average.

    1. Yeah, I’ve read that somewhere too (or something similar). While driving
      remains a right instead of a privilege in this country, it’s gonna be a

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