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In Case You Missed the Fact That It’s a Civil War . . .

I’ve been reading Michael Yon’s Online Magazine
for a while now.  If you don’t, you should.  This guy’s been
embedded in Iraq for some time.  He is not affiliated with any
news service or publication and calls it like he sees it.  He and
it are terrific.  This guy’s got balls like I can’t believe. 
When I say embedded, I mean on the ground with the troups in the

Yon has been calling this war a civil war for over a year.  It’s
clearly a mess, but one that he believes that we are winning. 
It’s hard for me to see the end-game here, or what in fact, we win, but
the story itself is facinating.

Below is an excerpt from a recent “dispatch.”  I think it says loads.

“The best modern armors, which can include everything from sandbags to
special alloys and “reactive armors,” are simple to use and can work
well for short periods. Sandbags are good and cheap, but are cumbersome
and blow apart easily. As for the reactive armors, modern explosives
are more powerful than modern alloys and their associated engineering
can withstand. Pound for pound–and volume for volume–explosives are
miles ahead of metallurgy and engineering. No matter how sophisticated
the science behind the shield, someone can make a bomb to beat it.”

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