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Now That’s Impressive . . .

So, I’m sitting at my desk at 7:50 this morning and I hear a delivery truck pull up to the front door of my house.  Since this is a pretty regular occurrence around our place, I didn’t even look to see what was going on.  After hearing the door of the truck close and the truck started to pull away, I got an email telling me that the package had just been delivered.  As I looked out the window I saw the truck just leaving my driveway.  For all intents and purposes, I’d call that real-time information.

I presume the process goes something like this: 

  • Driver scans package with remote scanner
  • The package information is sent to truck’s computer via some local protocol
  • Delivery advice is transmitted to a central office via some private data network
  • The computer at the central office generates an email message which is sent to my server
  • My local computer fetches the message from my server

It probably took me longer to open and read the message than it did to complete the steps above.  Cool.

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