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Apparently, one must be in a “haiku moment” in order to write Haiku.  According to one poetry professor, “if the author’s mind/heart is correctly aligned in the “proper” attitude, while experiencing a so-called “haiku moment”, one merely has to report on the experience to have a darn-good haiku.”

The prevalence of Subaru cars on the road leads to an opportunity-rich environment for Subaru “haiku moments” during one’s commute every day.  By virtue of the driving style of most Subaru owners, these moments often offer the opportunity to get aligned in the proper attitude to produce “darn-good” haiku.

After a discussion about the drivers of Subarus that he and I had a while back, my good friend Dave Jilk started prolifically creating haiku expressing his feelings about his observations and experiences sharing the road with drivers of these Japanese vehicles.  I think they’re terrific and wanted to share them with the handful of readers who visit this blog.  The poetry below is Dave’s as is the title of this post.  My own contribution, (inspired by Dave’s work) is at the end – my first haiku.

uh-oh, Subaru.
light turns green; jackrabbit start!
it must be stolen

how slow can you go?
Subaru passes Subaru
it boggles the mind

subaru bumper
says “I brake for prairie dogs”
why single them out?
stable forester
corners like an indy car:
don’t stop to turn right

subaru ahead
traffic up the mountain slows
to a glacial crawl

On your retirement; now
Get in the right lane.

To pass, and be passed;
This is why there are two lanes.
Move your ass over!

Will’s humble entry . . .

Subaru in front.
Yield sign means the same as stop?
Almost rear-end him.


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