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It’s August and the Red Sox are Imploding on Schedule

At the All-Star break, the Sox were the third best team in baseball, behind the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox.  They were three games ahead of the Yankees and had a winning percentage of .616 (yeah, it’s a game of statistics).  Since the All-Star break, they’ve gone 11–13 with a winning percentage of .458.  In the last 10 games, they’ve gone 4–6 for an obvious winning percentage of .400.  They’re now 2 games behind the Yankees in the American League East and falling fast.

As a long-time Red Sox fan, this shouldn’t surprise me.  It’s August, after all.  This happens almost every August.  This year I swore I wasn’t gonna let the Sox get me emotionally roped in but, since I drank the Kool-Aid decades ago, I’m sweating out every game already.  They looked really good this year and I thought we had a shot.  Of course, I always think that – such is the life of a Red Sox fan.

Red Sox fans are already turning to the AL Wild Card where the Sox are one game behind the White Sox and a half game behind the Twins.  Just a month ago we were all saying that the AL Wild Card would probably not come from the AL East.  Now we’re all praying we were wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up hope.  If history has an ability to repeat itself, though, Red Sox fans are in trouble.  Oh well, football starts this week.  Maybe that’ll take my mind off the pain.

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