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My Way, The Entrepreneur Network

Regular readers of this blog (both of you) might notice the new badge in the right column – My Way, The Entrepreneur Network.  A network is Feedburner’s way of categorizing a blog of blogs.  So, if you’d like a one-stop-shop of blogs about and by entrepreneur’s, you can subscribe to the network rather than trying to hunt down individual blogs that interest you.  You may find that getting a good overview of posts from many blogs helps you narrow down the list of blogs that you are interested in.  Of course, you can always continue to subscribe to the individual blogs separately from the network.

Tom Evslin, the network publisher (aka: coordinator) has a much better description of the whole thing in his post Herding EntrepreneursBrad Feld also has a post about another Feedburner network that he publishes, Venture Capital, here.

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