Failure Upgrading to Community Server 2.1

Well, I spent the weekend trying to upgrade my server to the latest and greatest release of Community Server 2.1.  If you tried reaching my site over the weekend and it appeared to have been abducted by aliens, that’s why.  After making the dozens of changes required to the virtual directory and the database, though, I couldn’t get the server to serve pages just like it did under version 2.0.  A simple point upgrade just shouldn’t be that difficult, of course.  It’s especially frustrating since the site, itself, came up fine after about 20 minutes of work.  At that point, it wasn’t accessible at or – it was only reachable by specifying a URL much further into the site’s directory structure.  I never could get it resolved.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been experiencing similar problems in many facets of my life – nothing seems to be coming together.  I hope it passes . . .


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