Patriots Beat Da Bears

While you can’t say that any game that has 9 turnovers was a good one, yesterday’s matchup between the 7-3 Patriots and 9-1 Bears was at least a big one – for the Pats, at least.  The Bears, with their outstanding 9-1 record (prior to yesterday’s game) are virtually assured a playoff birth.  The Pats . . . well . . . let’s just say that even die hard Patriots fans were not completely certain.

Prior to this game, the unspoken concern among Patriots fans was if their favorite team was playoff worthy.  Sure, they had a winning 7 and 3 record.  Sure they were two games ahead of any other team in the AFC East.  Sure they have the best clutch quarterback in the game.  But their record against teams with winning records is surprisingly poor.  Today’s big win, while not pretty (5 turnovers by the Pats), shows that they can hold their heads high going into the playoffs.  Winning playoff games is another story . . .


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