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Pint-Sized Vehicles Making Their Way Across the Atlantic . . . Safely

DaimlerChrysler’s Smart Car division has been spending gobs of money trying to make their diminutive vehicles acceptable to the US government and to American consumers as well.  Compared to what Americans are used to, these things are microscopic.  They’ve been sold in Europe for years (tiny cars are available in many other parts of the world as well, of course), but have had trouble making their way across the Atlantic, mostly because of safety concerns.

The British car show, 5th Gear (associated with Top Gear), destroyed a Smart car to see if these things are Chevy Suburban impact ready.  It looks like they are engineering marvels and, in fact, will take on the biggest freeway competition.  Of course, while the car may remain intact, decelerating your organs from 70-0 in a split second, no matter what size vehicle you’re in, is probably not a good idea.  Check it out in this video . . .


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