Patriots Tame Texans 40-7

Not much to complain about this week.  I’m sure the Patriots did a poor job at some parts of the game, but it’s tough to tell when the score is so lopsided.  I thought the Pats defense was very good, actually.  Of course, beating the Texans is something almost everyone does, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.  The Pats did it without their leading running back, starting defensive tackle, key free safety and number one tight end, though, so it’s possible it really is indicative of something positive.

The Pats have to beat one of either the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Tennessee Titans on the road in the final two games of the year to clinch the division title.  That assumes that the Jets win both of their last two games against much easier teams – Miami and Oakland.  Obviously, if the Jets lose just one . . .

I sure hope the good Pats show up next week.  So I don’t have to be nervous for two full weeks.  In the mean time, it sure is great to see a big victory like this, though.


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