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Richard Hammond’s 300MPH Crash Video

In a previous post, I discussed the British television show, Top Gear, and the unfortunate accident that took place when one of the show’s hosts, Richard Hammond, crashed a 10,000HP (yup, 10 with three zeroes), jet-powered car at, roughly, 288MPH.  Ouch!

Hammond who was doing “one last run,” had already broken the British land speed record in a previous run that day at 314MPH.  After the crash and fairly long residence in the hospital, Hammond recalled that he “just wanted to go fast.”  Apparently, 314MPH just didn’t qualify . . .

Below is the post-crash, post-hospitalization interview with Hammond.  The interview is from a recent Top Gear episode.  It’s a bit long (12:20), but if you skip around, you can see all the exhilarating runs and the frightening crash.

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