I Feel So . . . Violated

Last night, my little, obscure blog started getting attacked with spam.  24 hours later, it’s slowed a bit, but I’m still getting about 20 spam comments posted per hour.  Keep in mind that there are only about 200 posts on the blog to source that number of comments.  I now know where to buy all of the Viagra, Phentermine, Cialis and teenage porn that I need, as if the spam in my email spam folder wasn’t enough to guide me to the appropriate dealers.

It’s interesting that I never had a spam problem when I used Community Server as my blog engine.  Wordpress appears to attract spam like carbon dioxide attracts mosquitos.  I installed the Spam Karma Wordpress plugin last night and not a single spam message has made it through my new defenses.  That’s great, of course, but I’d rather not have to worry about the problem in the first place.  Oh well.  The spam appears like it comes from a variety of domains, but I suspect it’s all from one place.   

To add insult to injury, I was just looking at my server’s event log and noticed that someone’s been trying to hack in via FTP.  Now, just how stupid do they think I am.  I have no open anonymous FTP and the password for the site gets rotated constantly.  I have had about 5 hits on my server per second (yup, that’s stated correctly) for the last 1:40.  Needless to say, my event logs are filling up fast.  They appear to all be from the same IP address which resolves to

Jeez, don’t you have bigger fish for your robots to fry?

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