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Ah.  Spring baseball in New England.  Classic stadium, epic divisional rivalry, the best team in baseball (the Red Sox) and 50 degrees and raining.  Thanks to my good friend Rick, I sat in the second row behind the plate at last night’s game (did you see me on TV? <g>).  It was cool at game time, which would have been OK, but the skies opened up after the 5th inning and made things a bit uncomfortable.  Further, the game lasted 4:15 – that’s even a long game for nice warm, sunny days.

Most Yankees v. Red Sox games are good.  If not for the quality of the play, at least for the fact that the two teams are the contestants in the biggest rivalry in American sports (sorry Chicago/St. Louis and San Francisco/Los Angeles, this is the one).  It’s the Hatfields and the McCoys dueling it out in an epic battle.   Melodramatic? If you think so, you obviously don’t live in Boston or New York and clearly never watch ESPN.

I’m afraid that the Sox lost this round and in a bad way. Alex Rodriguez hit a home run off the Sox closer, Jonathan Paplebon in the top of the 9th to take a 6-5 lead that they wouldn’t surrender.  But I’m more worried about the fact that this was my 4th Sox game this season and they are 0-4 with me in attendance.  Keep in mind that the team has only lost 10 home games.  Like any self-respecting member of Red Sox Nation, I can only blame myself for the loss last night.  Sorry team.

Even with the loss, it’s still great any time you get to spend the evening at Fenway.

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