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Hey Rockies . . . Welcome to Sea Level

World Series Game 2 from the Green Monster World Series Game 2 - Prudential Center

Ok, I know I dismissed the Red Sox when they were down 3-1 to Cleveland.  But everyone in Red Sox Nation knows that the Sox won that series precisely because I rationalized their defeat.  If I had guaranteed a victory an even let thoughts about a potential victory enter my mind, they would have lost.  If you think this is sick or contorted logic, you obviously are not now nor have you ever been a New England Sports fan.

Last night, my son and I sat on Fenway’s Green Monster at game 2 of the World Series (the picture above is from where we sat and the other picture is of the lights of the Prudential tower behind the scoreboard at Fenway).  The game (Sox won 2-1) was much better than game 1 (Sox won 13-1), but not as much fun.  When you sit on the Green Monster, everything is about home runs.  There were none last night.

Last night’s game was close.  The Rockies could have won it if it weren’t for the 7 walks given up by Colorado pitchers and the lights-out performances from the Sox bullpen.  Over the next few games, the showdown is not likely to be about starting pitching, but instead, the bullpens of both clubs.  At this point, it’s hard not seeing the Sox winning the battle in that department.  I think the Rockies will be strong at home, though, and there should be some more exciting and close games in the series.

Now I’ve gone and done it.  I said something positive about the Sox’ chances.  Hope I didn’t ruin it . . .

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