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Red Sox Win World Series. Now Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep

It’s great that the Sox have won another World Series.  It’s great because I’m a die hard Red Sox fan and because the Series is finally over and I might be able to start getting some sleep.  I might even drink less.  I’m ecstatic and exhausted.  It’s not just the emotional exhaustion that is part and parcel of being a member of Red Sox Nation where even a five run lead doesn’t feel comfortable and Manny Ramirez’ random fielding efforts make any right-handed hitter a threat for extra bases.  It’s the fact that Fox and MLB don’t start games until 8:30 EDT and for some reason, a baseball game can’t be completed in less than four hours – and that’s a relatively quick game in the playoffs.  What’s up with that?  Do you really need to fix your gloves after every swing or take a walk around the pitcher’s mound between pitches?  And no, David Ortiz is not a threat to steal second base.  Stop throwing over there to hold him on the bag.  Geesh!

I guess that I have to admit that the sheer number of hits and runs in this year’s World Series has something to do with the longer games.  In the four game series between the Red Sox and the Rockies, there were 76 hits (47 of them by the Sox) and 39 runs scored (29 of them by the Sox).  That kind of hitting takes some time, as does all the time it takes to change pitchers.  Between the two clubs, there were 30 pitching changes made (13 by the Sox).  How many warm-up throws is that?

The Red Sox looked good and were clearly the better team.  As it was with the World Series victory in 2004, this championship series was a bit anticlimactic after the Sox went 3-1 in the ALCS and came back to win.  Nonetheless, there were a couple of close games and some excellent play by both teams.  The Rockies are young and talented and will have many good years ahead of them.  Now that Denver fans know they have a ball club in town, maybe more people in Colorado will start getting ulcers like Red Sox fans.

Although there were tense moments, the Red Sox held the best record in baseball for almost the entire season.  They played well in all facets of the game and did it with a combination of young talent and seasoned veterans.  In the off-season, there are certainly some decisions to be made, but it looks like the Sox will have the talent to be a contender for several years to come.  I’m looking forward to all of them, but right now, I need to go focus on the Patriots.  Thankfully, there haven’t been as many tense moments in their season yet.

Thanks, Red Sox, for a great season!  

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