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Gotta Love Low Rent Advertising

The back pages of auto magazines are famous for being loaded with advertisements for somewhat . . . let’s say, questionable, goods and services.  Pheromone supplements for your aftershave, slinky outfits for your [in]significant other, a variety of tools and chemicals to increase the length of certain body parts or the amount of time you put them to good use.  There are even some ads for crap for your car.

I used to skip the whole section, but the magazines have become wise to that and now put real content after the ads, forcing you to skim through them.  Very smart.  In any event, I enjoy scanning them.  Some of them are innovative and, for the car guy, merge all wants and needs together nicely.  Like this one . . .

Hard Brake Pedal Ad

I wish I were that creative.

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