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Labor Day Means It’s Time to Pay the Piper

I’m fortunate in that during the summer months here in New England (which translates to, “a short period of time”), I can generally kick back and move at a slower speed than I do during the rest of the year. During this summer, I took this switch to an extreme. Yeah, I got some stuff done – I answered phone calls when they came in, I responded to email eventually and I raised some money to fight cancer by riding in the PMC. Looking back on it, though, I think I got less done this summer than during any other period in my life.

I’m not just talkin’ about the business-oriented stuff either. I cycled less, I played less tennis, I read less, I exercised less, I played golf only once (and that was only 9 holes) and I didn’t blog at all. All those projects around the house? They’re still there. Bills need to be paid? Not today. Stuff needs to be cleaned? It doesn’t smell that bad. Computer needs to be fixed? What’s wrong with pen and paper?

I guess there are some things I did more. I ate more, I drank more and I found myself cruising the web more. Check out my waistline for proof.

I have no excuses. This summer, the gods of weather smiled down upon us here in the northeast corner of the US. We had an incredible summer, weather wise, and for some reason I did my damndest to not take advantage of it.

I’m worried that this is my new status quo; that I’ve become lazy and slow; that I may have to rename this blog “1-Speed” or even “no-Speed.” So, I’m treating the advent of Labor Day as a kick in the ass. The bell has rung and the round has started. It’s time to get back to my fighting weight, step into the ring and throw some punches (OK, maybe I need to cut back on the boxing analogies). It’s time to start getting stuff done. My time as the least productive member of society is over . . . for now, anyway.


  1. Gees, we leave you alone for one day and you get all introspective. We’re building a house! I spent my summer in countless meetings with architects, designers, and foremen. There were daytrips to look at flooring, cabinets, lighting and plumbing. You had meetings almost daily with stone masons, log craftsmen, heating guys, and audio/visual companies. You bring beer over to the framers every Friday and actually get to know them. You are on the computer for hours on end researching materials, suppliers, etc. etc. And you put in a lawn and wired the barn. Oh, and we had friends and family visit which requires lots of boating, grilling, and bartending (no small task) on your part. Most importantly, our kids were around and they actually wanted to hang with you–so you did. Keep up the good work. Love, your wife.
    p.s. I washed the deck and screen porch yesterday. Decking is looking kind of shabby. Needs to be refinished when you get home. xo

  2. Will,

    I’ve been going through the same self evaluation and also decided to trim the fat .. both from my waist and to remove all the other non-effective uses of my time. It’s important to evaluate/re-engineer and optimize ourselves too.

    Based on Sandra’s comments, it looks like we have similar wives who keep us honest. Gotta love em.

    ps. I can always help with the boating and grilling 🙂

    1. And I *need* help with the boating and grilling. I’ve even spent less time doing those things . . . I agree, evaluating and re-engineering should be done constantly. I’ll put those things on my list. Maybe I’ll get to them sometime soon 🙂

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